What to expect


The first session

Seeking out a counselor can be the hardest part of therapy. It's often difficult and anxiety-provoking to reach out for help for the first time. A great stigma in our society creates resistance to counseling as people struggle to be "strong" and manage problems on their own. Yet asking for help shows true strength and courage. Humans are meant to connect and collaborate, not suffer on their own. 

Once you've made that phone call and gotten through the door, most clients find that the initial anxiety fades as they talk through their difficulties. In this session I will ask a lot of questions to get as much information as possible to conceptualize a plan. I will follow your pace and check in to see how you are feeling. By the end of the session I will have a good picture of what areas to work on and ideally you will feel some relief that the growth process has begun.

week by week

In my practice the source of healing and growth is the counseling relationship itself. Each week when we meet, our relationship will grow and strengthen just as your own inner self is growing and strengthening. Initially my voice and my image might appear in your mind throughout the week, as you practice your homework assignments and collect experiences to report back to me during our next session. Over time you will find your own inner guidance to replace me, and find yourself standing more strongly on your own two feet. 

Finding Resolution

After meeting weekly or biweekly over time, you may find you want to keep a monthly appointment to keep you steady. At some point you will find that you have gotten all that you need out of our relationship, and it is time to part. If the time comes a year or two down the line where you're ready for another round of personal growth or new wounds needing healing emerge, the relationship we have built still exists and you can return to counseling again. The journey never ends and my door is always open.