My intention is to create more value for my clients and have a trove of hundreds of videos explaining the concepts I find myself saying to clients again and again. These videos can give you a boost in between appointments and provide additional support.


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Heartmath BOOK

The HeartMath Institute has done amazing scientific research providing evidence and techniques which help to translate Eastern wisdom for the Western mind. I recommend the book The HeartMath Solution, and if you're interested in a kinesthetic experience they sell heart rate monitors that pair with an app or computer software.

yoga nidra MEDITATIONS

Yoga Nidra Network's free guided meditations online are fantastic. Yoga Nidra is a meditation practice similar to progressive muscle relaxation that provides the benefits of several hours of sleep. Sessions can be tailored to relieve specific issues and it is possible to experience profound internal shifts. I love helping clients process insights experienced during this powerful style of meditation.

I love brene brown. And oprah.

Brene Brown's work on shame, vulnerability, courage and belonging is a revelation. Seek out her five books starting with The Gifts of Imperfection, and search for her videos/interviews online. Watch Oprah's Super Soul Sunday videos on YouTube or on OWN. She interviews thought-leaders and spiritual teachers like Brene. Click here for a short clip of Oprah interviewing Brene.

you are a badass

In case you didn't know ;) Seriously, this book by life coach Jen Sincero is the bomb! I'm so grateful for my introduction to the coaching world through this book. This title is like a life coach in your pocket that blends seamlessly with my therapeutic work and really sets you up for success.