Sep 12

Men´s Process Group

Men´s Issues are often overlooked and downplayed in our society where men are seen to be the dominant group possessing the power. In this process-oriented therapy group, we will explore the issues that men face in having to fit into the popular ideal of masculinity. Source materials will be assigned for review in between weekly sessions, including the documentaries The Mask You Live In and The Red Pill. The group will exist as a safe space to explore the unspoken pressures and difficulties that men face and to get feedback and support from other men. A sample of topics includes Masculine and Feminine roles, Shame and Vulnerability, the concepts of wearing a mask or living in a small box, inequalities in family court and domestic violence services, and cultural dynamics.

Six-week closed group, beginning Tuesday August 8th 2017, 6:30-8pm

Growth Pointe, 7545 Centurion Parkway Suite #105, Jacksonville, FL

$40/weekly session

$50 initial individual intake session for new clients