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I will help you find your inner guide


Everyone is normal. Given the conditions of the home environment we grew up in and the culture we are immersed in, problems always make sense with the appropriate lens. I can help you put the puzzle pieces of your life together to understand what is happening in the present moment. With the full picture in view, we can then work towards an ideal version of yourself. I can protect you along the journey, and it will be truly amazing to look back and see how far you've come.

I practice neurobiologically-informed Attachment therapy and specialize in integrative techniques including mindfulness, guided meditations, and breath awareness to enhance the mind-body connection and gain access to your own intuitive wisdom. When the heartbeat and brainwaves are coherent, one's energy and emotions are able to move freely. The result is feeling more gratitude, appreciation, joy, love and contentment.

Unique to my practice, I work alongside an acupuncturist, massage therapist, and Pilates instructor, providing rich opportunities to work on both mind and body. As a military veteran I have an understanding of military culture. I also speak Spanish and possess a deep understanding of the intersections of race, class, power and privilege.




I am a graduate of the University of North Florida's Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master's program currently under supervision working towards full licensure as an LMHC 

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How Counseling Works

According to scientific evidence supporting talk therapy, it is in essence the counseling relationship that is healing. For some it is a corrective emotional experience, for many it is the steady comforting knowledge that the counselor is there for you.

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